Research Leads Network round-up (2) – Homework, Maths and more…

3 November 2017

Author: Niki Kaiser

This is a copy of the email sent out to members of the Research Leads Network. It’s an informal peer-support network, formed to facilitate the sharing of ideas and advice for people interested in using research to inform school decisions and practice. It’s a peer-driven network, although some members may be considered “experts” in their field. You can sign up to the network here.
A few links from this week in one place.
Firstly, Madeleine asked if anyone had any links and pointers about Homework, and we had some really helpful ideas from a range of people. Links below:
  • These links are from the EEF Toolkit. Secondary and Primary
  • Also a couple of links from the Learning Scientists: This from Daniel Willingham and this from a parent
  • Five hallmarks of good homework from  ASCD
  • Tom Sherrington’s  post
  • Marzano  article
  • This from Cambridge Assessment
  • And finally, a really good post from Dawn Cox. Lots of food for thought here. Dawn is very good at taking complex ideas and turning them into practical, no-nonsense, user-friendly strategies. Homework post  As Gary Jones said: the blogpost provides a treasure trove of ideas for thinking about homework; homework needs to be designed in such a way to develop the specific skills knowledge etc which have been taught – Daisy Christolodou books is great on this; homework will also need to be aligned to the requirements of external exams; most year to year changes in results are explainable by changes in the cohort

Secondly, a few reports from Journal Clubs and Reading Groups this week:

Next, look out for the Storify of Stuart Kime’s #UKEdResChat on Implementing Research
He shared this link on PDSA (Plan-Do-Study-Act), which has come up here before PDSA
Also, you can now subscribe to the podcast from Rosendale Research School
A real range of people and topics “Rosendale Research School Podcast series provides practical advice, discussion and debate about how evidence can be used to maximise the achievement of pupils. The series particularly focuses on how to improve outcomes for pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds.” iTunes
And finally, a new guidance report from the EEF came out today. KS2-3 maths. 
This has been put together by researchers and teachers, offering practical advice and strategies based on robust research.
  • You can download it here
  • There’s a blog about it here: Leading Learner
  • And if you have any questions, do ask them here, as a couple of the teachers who helped put it together are members of this group. You can also contact your local research school for more info/ guidance/ training RSN locations and links
Have a lovely weekend, everyone.
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