Research Leads Network Round-up: Lesson Study, motivation and more

20 December 2017

Author: Niki Kaiser

This is a copy of the email sent out to members of the Research Leads Network. It’s an informal peer-support network, formed to facilitate the sharing of ideas and advice for people interested in using research to inform school decisions and practice. It’s a peer-driven network, although some members may be considered “experts” in their field. You can sign up to the network here.
It’s been a busy few weeks, so I haven’t been able to do a round-up for a while, and now it’s the end of term, so we’re all shattered! But I thought it might be worth collating some of the links that people have shared over the past few weeks, so you can browse them at your leisure when you’re feeling up to it…
Events list
A few people have started to share events people might be interested in attending, and to ask for speakers and collaboration, which is great. Please continue to do so! At a recent CCT meeting I attended, we talked about collating events in a spreadsheet, so people can avoid dates that are already busy, or find ways of sharing with others. I’ve followed this idea, and put together this list, so please feel free to add any events you have coming up that you think people will be interested in. I have no idea if this is something people want, or whether it will be useful or even used. But I thought I’d try….
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A few interesting links

1- Claire Bishop shared this very readable and clear summary with us:

The dos and don’ts of embedding research in schools

2- I love the title of this paper, shared by Sam Sims. It was shared in the context of increasing motivation and raising aspirations. The title says it all: Social-Psychological Interventions in Education: They’re Not Magic

3- This was suggested by Gary Jones It’s by Viviane Robinson and about Open-to Learning conversations. “At the heart of the model is the value of openness to learning – learning about the quality of the thinking and information that we use when making judgments about what is happening, why and what to do about it.”

4- This paper was shared by Gary Jones in the context of Gifted and Talented students “This paper reports on a study in which secondary school teachers were given research findings about teaching gifted and talented students, and were supported, over a 12-month period, to incorporate findings into action research projects of their own devising.” 

Lesson Study and Peer Observation

We also had many discussions about Lesson Study, peer-observations and coaching. This happened to coincide with this report from the EEF: Lesson Study is a CPD approach originating in Japan that has become more popular in England in recent years. It involves many elements that are believed to be important for effective CPD, such as peer support and teacher observation, but its impact on pupil outcomes has not been robustly tested at this scale before, which is why we funded this project. Classroom teachers in Year 4 and Year 5 took part in Lesson Study. We looked at attainment outcomes when their pupils reached the end of Year 6, and found no evidence of impact in this well-run, high-security trial. This result does not show that all activities related to Lesson Study are ineffective. Some of the comparison schools in the trial were using lesson observations, for example. So what the results indicate is that this structured version of Lesson Study had no benefits over and above the status quo in the comparison schools

I won’t write any more about the discussion, as there is too much to relate and summarise. But I have collated as many links here as I could find that were shared in relation to the topic.

General Lesson Study/ Peer-Coaching links

Pang and Ling Learning study: helping teachers to use theory, develop professionally, and produce new knowledge to be shared

An article from Deans for Impact about a study that pairs teachers up depending on their skills and strengths

A collection of articles from Rosendale Research School about Lesson Study

Some reflections on recent development in the Lesson Study literature from Peter Dudley

Pang and Marton: Chinese lesson study, Learning study and keys to learning

Lesson Study Is Not A Success Story of Japanese Education

Wood and Cajkler (2016) A participatory approach to Lesson Study in higher education

And these reflections on the EEF trial:

Does Lesson Study work? A look at the new EEF trial

Sarah Selezynov – Japanese lesson study: a question of culture

Another poorly-conceived EEF study?

An article from Schoolsweek by Simon Burgess: Don’t jump to conclusions on teacher peer observation

Gary Jones: The effectiveness of lesson study has been called into question, following a £543,000 study at 181 schools, and 12,200 pupils made no difference to Y6 pupils attainment in reading and mathematics

Have a great Christmas, and a happy new year.

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