Free training course: Supporting Teaching and Learning for EAL students

30 April 2018

The Hewett Academy has secured funding from the Norwich Evidence Based Practice Fund to implement (and evaluate) LILAC, a training course developed by Australian linguistics experts, and widely used in Australia. It trains non-specialist teachers in how to teach a functional approach to linguistics and grammar, aiming to change teachers’ classroom practice in a way that improves the academic English skills of EAL pupils, and possibly other struggling students.

LILAC is an accredited and intensive course, involving four non-consecutive days of face-to-face training for teachers, with substantial amounts of reading and suggestions of many strategies to practice in between training days. It is currently under evaluation by the EEF, and you can read more here.

The Hewett Academy is offering the training course (free) to other schools on the following dates:

30 April
8 June
26 June
12 July
The course aims to help teachers develop and promote a holistic approach to teaching that will ensure all students are successful learners and has the following intended outcomes:
  • Identify the language-related needs of EAL students and develop teaching practices which address their needs.
  • Develop teachers’ awareness of how to accommodate the cultural and linguistic diversity and experiences of EAL students.
  • Provide a positive context for teachers to trial suggested strategies and reflect critically and openly on their teaching.
  • Promote collaborative working relationships between all teachers through a shared understanding of how to support EAL students

Please contact Antony Little for further details.


Posted on 20 March 2018
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