#NorRel June: Reading for Pleasure and co-operative learning

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Sign up here for our June NorRel meeting. Free to attend, and all welcome. 20th June, 4pm at the Abbey Conference Centre.

Our main speaker is Jon Biddle, an experienced Primary School teacher, who recently won the Egmont 2018 Reading for Pleasure Teacher Award.

He says “Being part of a school with reading at its heart is absolutely fundamental to what I believe in as a teacher. I’m fortunate to work in an environment where I’m supported, trusted and actively encouraged by my headteacher to take risks and try new ideas, as well as alongside an amazing group of teachers and support staff who understand the importance of creating a deep, genuine and firmly embedded reading for pleasure cultureā€¦ After three years of extremely hard work from everyone in our school community, it’s noticeable that over the past few months, there’s been a significant cultural shift in the attitude towards reading. Conversations and interactions are happening between pupils, staff and parents that are making it a very exciting place to be.”

Jakob Werdelin will also talk to us about what co-operative learning looks like in practice, and use his successful SSIF bid at a local Norfolk school as an example of the impact it can have on morale and results. The EEF Toolkit rates collaborative (or cooperative) learning approaches highly. The impact of collaborative approaches on learning is consistently positive. However, the size of impact varies, so it is important to get the detail right. Effective collaborative learning requires much more than just sitting pupils together and asking them to work in a group; structured approaches with well-designed tasks lead to the greatest learning gains.

Posted on 11 June 2018
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