VNET Twilight: Metacognition and Self-Regulation

16:00–17:30 on 10 October 2018

As teachers and leaders, we spend a great deal of time planning excellent lessons and curricula, to make education rewarding and valuable. But how do we ensure that our pupils are able to take what they have learned and apply it to a range of contexts? And how do we support them to regulate their approaches, so that they can become truly independent learners?

Metacognition and self-regulation have been ranked by the EEF as high impact, low cost interventions. But what are they? And what do they look like in the classroom? How can we apply the research to help develop independent, resourceful and resilient learners?

The EEF guidance reports contain clear and actionable advice for teachers on a range of high-priority issues, based on wide-ranging evidence reviews. Teachers and researchers work together to turn important messages from research into applicable, useable strategies, and the Metacognition and Self-regulation report was published in May 2018. There has been considerable interest in this area of Pedagogy, but there remains a widespread confusion within the teaching profession as to what Metacognition actually is, and how best to implement it. Fortunately, the EEF guidance report demystifies Metacognition and provides concrete recommendation for schools.

Research Lead Dr Niki Kaiser will summarise the evidence, and give classroom teachers and leaders a range of evidence-based ideas that they can use immediately. Leaders of CPD will find the content useful in preparing to deliver related teaching training in their schools, whilst classroom teachers can also attend to directly evaluate their current practice.

Please book via by Friday 28 September 2018. The event will be held at South Green Park, Mattishall NR20 3JY.

Posted on 24 July 2018
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