Norwich Research School partners with VNET

9 March 2018


We are delighted to announce that Norwich Research School has entered into partnership with Viscount Nelson Education Network CIC (VNET).

VNET is a non-profit, Community Interest Company, supporting school-led improvement. It was established in 2017 at the request of school leaders to continue the outstanding work of Better To Best – a school-led approach to improvement which payed a crucial part in raising Ofsted grades in Norfolk schools from 59% Good or better in 2013, to 89% Good or better in 2017.

Those leaders had created a network of schools, academies and colleges that were all committed to developing further strong ties and joint working, undertaking innovative projects leading to improvements in practice and outcomes, and sharing their experiences and expertise with one another.

VNET is the continuation of that network – working on behalf of its members to help schools continuously improve life chances for children and young people.

There are currently 235 network member schools, academies and colleges for the academic year 2017-18, spread across East Anglia – a gradual growth that has been built on success and undertaken sustainably to ensure quality.

The VNET core team comprises a small group of highly skilled education and business professionals whose focus is to run the CIC as a non-profit organisation for the benefit of the schools, academies and colleges – and ultimately the children and young people – that make up the network.

The VNET core team manages the delivery of all consultancy and support services provided by VNET, the partner network of organisations, and leads on the development and sustainable growth of the network membership.

VNET also has a Members’ Board that monitors the strategic development of the organisation and ensures it is fulfilling its primary remit. A Community Forum made up of representatives of network member schools is currently being established to continue to ensure that the views of the network feed into the direction of the organisation and its future development of products, services and growth.

We are incredibly excited to work with VNET and have no doubt that the partnership will be beneficial to schools and educators across Norfolk and beyond.

Posted on 9 March 2018
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